HowTo: teach grad students to write

Raachel Tooron on how our current systems never train grad students for writing, but expects them to learn writing by osmosis, which is easier said than done:

The mere act of reading good books, if you are not stopping to scrutinize the moves and tools used by the writers, examining and dissecting the choices they have made and why they work, will do nothing for you when you sit down to write. If reading good literature was enough, I would have written the Great American Novel years ago.

A must-read piece, which I got from Matt Welsh’s blog, where he has a commentary of his own too.


2 Responses to “HowTo: teach grad students to write”

  1. raj Says:

    Brilliant article, Guru. Thanks for the link.

    I did not realise how difficult ‘writing’ could be till I started to blog.

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Raj,

    My pleasure!

    One of my first technical documents went through nineteen rounds of correction before it got to an acceptable form — never mind that the 19th round was a complete rewrite by my advisor 🙂 That is when I realised what an effort writing is — if you care about the quality of your writing, and how much of editing and editorial decisions are involved in any good piece!

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