Interesting read of the day!

Via Crooked Timber, I came across this paper, whose abstract reads like that of one from Improbable Research:

An individual will be able to use marihuana for pleasure only when he 1. learns to smoke it in a way that will produce real effects; 2. learns to recognize the effects and connect them with drug use; and 3. learns to enjoy the sensations he perceives. This proposition, based on an analysis of fifty interviews with marihuana users, calls into question theories which ascribe behavior to antecedent predispositions and suggests the utility of explaining behavior in terms of the emergence of motives and dispositions in the course of experience.


3 Responses to “Interesting read of the day!”

  1. coolnik Says:

    It reminds me of an article I read somewhere about how to optimize the alcohol buzz—how much do we need to drink to feel great for the longest possible time? The article was very scientific, as in it had plenty of graphs and tables describing alcohol consumption, its levels in blood and some characterization of the “buzz”—the study basically followed the three points raised in the beginning of your post.

  2. gaddeswarup Says:

    Seems to be true in my case. I experimented with it for an year around 1970. I found that I enjoyed music much better (time slowed down and I could hear every note) but I also used to feel depressed the next day. I did not like the after taste either and stopped. But I would guess the effects depend on the person and the variety used. I think that there are two chemicals in marihuana with contrasting effects and the propor tion varies in the varieties. It was not addictive in my case.

  3. Guru Says:

    Dear Coolnik/Swarup,

    Taking cues from your comments, considering my post just prior to this one, I guess network addiction can also be treated well, if only I know what is it that gives so much of pleasure — a very hard problem indeed 🙂

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