Sangeethe Sarvaartha Saara Sangrahamu

Sriram Venkatkrishnan writes about one of the earliest printed works on Carnatic music:

April 15, 2009, marks the 150th anniversary of what is perhaps the earliest printed work in Carnatic music, an art which till then had largely relied on oral tradition and to a lesser extent on palm-leaf manuscripts. The Sangita Sarvartha Sara Sangra hamu in Telugu, was the work of ‘Vina’ Ramanujayya of Tirunagari, who as the name suggests was a veena artist. Interestingly, he was a resident of Tiruvallikeni.

Although Madras had a newspaper tradition dating back a good hundred years previously, the print revolution came to the city in the 1850s and of the earliest presses, the Gantz Press was set up then. The Sangrahamu establishes that Carnatic musicians were then, as now, in the vanguard of adopting modern technology when it came to propagating their ideas.

The essay goes on to describe the lineage of Ramanujayya and the influence of his book. Take a look!

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