The man whose voice never got separated from his throat

Sometime back, when I heard Vibodh Parthasarathi on “Music on Record-c. 1898-1914”, he began his talk with a couplet whose meaning runs something like this:

What is this strange world in which we are living in — where, the voice has got separated from the throat.

Sriram Venkatkrishnan writes about a Carnatic musician whose voice (unfortunately for us) never got separated from his throat:

Naina also housed and taught a number of disciples, free of cost. Among these, Chittoor Subramania Pillai and the Brinda-Mukta duo would become very famous. He also conducted a Tyagaraja Aradhana in Kanchipuram at his own expense on a lavish scale. He spurned recording offers. In his last days money was scarce, and T. Chowdiah offered to fix a recording contract with the Broadcast label for a sum of Rs 10,000. But Naina would not change his stand for monetary considerations. It was a tragedy for posterity that his voice went unrecorded.


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