Marriage 2.0

Why are marriages not being web-cast? Yesterday, I was at a friend’s place and, with the busy exam schedules of their children, they are forced to miss three marriages that was taking place a 1000 kms away at their native towns and villages; and, we were thinking how great it would be if the video (which is the norm in many of the south Indian weddings) recordings are also web cast!


5 Responses to “Marriage 2.0”

  1. raj Says:

    Actually, it is being done. A relative celebrated his 60th birthday last year, and his daughter in USA could not attend. So, it was webcast for her benefit.

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Raj,

    Makes sense to me; in fact, that was also one of the things we were discussing — relative immobility of some which could be alleviated with web casts. I hope more and more marriage video and photo shops also offer the web cast service — so that, not just those in US and Europe but among ourselves in different parts of India also virtual marriage attendance becomes a norm!


  3. coolnik Says:

    True, it is happening. My friend got engaged in Austin, Tx a couple of years back and bride’s father–who was in India–could not attend. So they web-casted (huh, is this a legitimate verb?) using Skype.

  4. raj Says:

    Maybe, with a small caveat that , as a minimum, the bride and groom must be physically present in one place. Virtual exchange of rings or tying the mangalsutra may lack the solemnity 🙂

  5. Guru Says:

    Bride and Groom — getting married on skype — hundreds of miles apart? That one killed me!

    Imagine the climax of a tam movie — where, to the horror of the girl’s (rowdy brother), watching haplessly on his computer, the girl, who has been kept isolated, has access to a laptop with wireless connection and, using which, she is getting married to the poor, innocent boy (whom the rowdy brother obviously hates)!

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