The Open-House stories

I had the good fortune to be one of the coordinators from our Department for the Institute Open House held on the 18th of April. We had plenty of crowd in our Materials Science lab — to take a look at our crystal structure and defect models, to look at the creep experiment, to see the shape memory alloy, and of course, to see liquid nitrogen and ductile to brittle transition. One of the highlights from the Department is the demonstrations/exhibitions of the products developed by our design students; many of these products have made it to the newspapers too.

Here are the links to the news stories:

[1] Nivesh Pandya and Rajesh Kumar Dwivedi’s potato sowing machine

[2] No power fridge, room heating fan, and water saving dish washer

[3] Foldable (into a suitcase) table and chair, winter fans, and no-power refrigerator

Here are a couple of photographs of Chandrabhan Prajapati’s “no-power refrigerator” which was a real hit!Solar refrigeratorSolar refigerator poster

Finally, one of our grad students. Mohd Zaheer Khan Yusufzai’s poster on friction stir welding of mild steels also got an award (and, one of the first prizes) from the alumni.

It was great fun getting to know many of our students and their work, as well as interacting with students from outside and explaining them some of the things that we have been doing!

Update: A couple of photographs — of the manual farming machine of Aniruddh and Karan. In his mail to me Karan explains:

In hills, step farming is done and the main problem is that the tractors cannot be taken there for various agricultural purposes like ploughing, leveling, seeding etc. Humans can easily access the hills for this purpose and hence manual power can be utilized to make a small vehicle which can do these tasks altogether. The tasks performed by the vehicle are as follows: 1. Ploughing 2. Seeding 3. Leveling 4. Spraying 5. Storage while working The advantages of the multi-tasking vehicle are: 1. It can be easily taken anywhere into the hills for agricultural purposes. 2. It requires manual power, which is available in plenty. 3. There is no consumption of fuel.

Karan -- farming machineFarming machine close-up

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