Bhakti in the park

Sitting in the park, under the tenth day moon of the brighter half of the month on a nice cushion; singers from all over the country — from Kerala to Chennai to Ludhiana to Nainital to Guwahati — trained and specialising in different forms of Bhakti singing — Sopana Sangeetham to Carnatic to Gurbani to Saguna-Nirguna Bhajans to Borgeet — sitting under the dhoti and flowers clad tree and putting their hearts and souls into the music — if that is your idea of bliss, we just enjoyed it thanks to the Bhakti Utsav, organised by Seher and dedicated to Pt. Ramashreya Jha.

This is the first time we are listening to T M Krishna live; we are floored, especially by his meditative rendition of Reethi Gowlai; we have also become fans of Pt. Ravi Joshi!

A nice evening at the Nehru Park — if you are so inclined and are in Delhi, you can visit the park tomorrow evening too — from 6:30 pm for another music laden Bhakti and Bhakti laden musical evening in the park.


One Response to “Bhakti in the park”

  1. krishna s Says:

    Greta post. truly worth appreciation. a nice post on music

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