J H Franklin on scholarship

A few interesting quotes by John Hope Franklin, the historian who passed away recently, that I found here (link via InsideHigherEd):

“The very essence of the life of the mind is the freedom to inquire, to examine, and to criticize. But that freedom has the same restraints abroad that it has at home: to state one’s position, if impelled by personal conviction, with clarity, reason, and sobriety, always mindful of the point that the scholar recognizes and tolerates different views that others may hold and that his view is independent, not official.”
The American Scholar

“I have never regretted the decision to remain a student and a teacher of history. …I have been a student and advocate of the view that the exchange of ideas is more healthy and constructive than the exchange of bullets.”
Charles Homer Haskins lecture
April 14, 1988

“You can’t have a high standard of scholarship without having a high standard of integrity, because the essence of scholarship is truth.”
Winston-Salem Journal
Aug. 6, 1989

I liked the last one about standards of scholarship and its correlation to standards of integrity.


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