Science blogging in India

Arunn at Unruled Notebook has a must-read post about Indian scientists and Science blogging — the comments on the post are great too.

Having said that, I do have one issue with one of his assertions pretty early in his post; and that is this:

Primarily because science blogging, can be done by those who do the science in the first place; Scientists.

Personally, I believe blogging is the best medium suited for science for the simple reason that it is a medium where, if the participants are willing, the discussions can be free, frank and less inhibited. For such a discussion to happen, however, the bloggers should consist of both scientists and non-scientists (by profession) and scientific in their attitudes and temper. Thus, if the Hindu Science and Technology edition Q&A session, for example, becomes an open forum run by Hindu so that questions can be asked by anybody, and can also be answered by anybody, along the way, preserving all the wrong and not-so-correct answers also with the corresponding discussions as to why those answers are not correct, then, as far me, it would qualify as science blogging even if most of the people who participate in the forum discussions are not practising scientists by profession.

So, while I do welcome and look forward to more and more  Indian scientists and academics start blogs and discuss science and non-science in their blogs, I would also love some non-scientists to start blogging and start thinking aloud about problems and issues in a more science oriented way. And, if they do, I would include them also as part of the Indian science blogosphere.


2 Responses to “Science blogging in India”

  1. Arunn Says:

    Guru: thanks for the post; would you mind making a small comment/note of the above thoughts at my entry…just to redirect readers to this view…


  2. Sandeep Gautam Says:

    Thanks Guru,

    For being inclusive and for appreciating the role non-scientists/ non-academics can play in science blogging. If you are interested in psychology / neursoccience blogging by a non-degree holder in the filed you may like to add me to your Indian science blogosphere.

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