Soulful music and the city

India Habitat Centre is our latest discovery of a nice hang-out place in the city (the place, the auditorium, the food-court — all that reminded me of the Millennium park in Chicago and the concerts we used to attend there) — thanks to the wonderful Carnatic music concert organised by Delhi Dakshinayan yesterday at the Stein auditorium of IHCA chitraveena recital by Ravikiran and vocal by Sanjay Subrahmanyan — the only Carnatic musician, who not only blogs but also has a podcast (as far as I know) — and what a singing it was too, yesterday!


2 Responses to “Soulful music and the city”

  1. tamilpenn Says:

    My first big conference happened to be in Delhi and the conference included a cultural program one evening… The conference banquet was held at the India Habitat Center, followed by a Bhangra show and a trip to Haus Kaz. A wonderful evening!

  2. Sastry Says:

    Hi Guru,

    I was at Delhi three times last year…never realized you are based there. Pl. do email when free!

    Best Regards

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