HowTo Lecture: ten commandments

Weir at InsideHighered; here is his seventh commandment, for example:

VII. Thou Shalt Not Be a Pompous Ass.

For heaven’s sake, get over yourself. Teaching will humble you, so don’t be afraid to lighten up. Never do any of the following:

* Make derogatory remarks about the quality of the student body at your college or about the college itself. (Rival institutions are fair game!)
* Make snide comments about any of your colleagues. (Though tasteful wisecracks about the administration go down a storm.)
* Appear smitten by your own cleverness. (Self-deprecating humor works much better.)
* Make remarks such as “This is far too complicated to discuss with you.”
* Brag about your accomplishments.
* Make remarks about how students were so much better in your day.
* Constantly deliver lectures that go over students’ heads.
* Communicate (verbally or through your demeanor) that students are an annoyance you must tolerate.


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