The Indian schooldays

One of the earliest novels that I reread was an abridged version (in Tamil) of Tom Brown’s Schooldays. One of the fascination of the Harry Potter series for me, again, is the school life described therein. Remembrance of my own school days brings to my mind many colourful characters — several of them worthy of a place in a nice schooldays novel, surely. So, I am with Pradeep Sebastian when he says:

It’s the kind of anthology I relish and connect with personally: essays, stories and poems about schooldays in India.

What is more, Sebastian’s recommendation of the anthology is very tempting too:

Palash Mehrotra chose these pieces to reflect themes that run deep in writings about school life and growing up: nostalgia, cruelty from teachers and students being cruel to each other, burgeoning sexuality, growing up blues, conflict with parents, class hierarchies if not caste, loneliness and miseducation. Recess is good fun and demands an antho of college days.

May be I should drop by a bookshop this afternoon!


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