On the relevance of paleo-climate studies

Today, I heard a nice lecture by Prof. George Philander — titled How paleo-climate studies can improve global warming forecasts? (pdf of the poster for the talk) — delivered at the Centre for Atmospheric Studies, IIT-Delhi.

The talk was very exciting — why wouldn’t it be? I got to hear about the times when India was an island and about the times when it came and hit the Asian land mass to give rise to Himalayas; I got to hear about the special place that Cape Town and its flora occupy in the plant kingdom; I got to hear about the ice ages, about the times when the earth’s rotation axes where differently tilted, and about the times when Dinosaurs roamed the planet and no ice was ever present on the poles.

Fortunately for me, a nice summary of the presentation is available at Prof. Philander’s webpage — specifically, the left panel, and the link to the preprint of Federov et al on the Pliocene Paradox (submitted to Science) on the right panel. While you are at it, you might also enjoy the piece titled Sextant to Satellite (on the right panel).

By the way, some more papers/preprints are also available at this page of Prof. Philander; and, some more are here!

Have fun!


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