To call it spectacular is an understatement!

In the last ten days, we attended eight concerts: those of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia (Hindustani Flute), Vidwan Prof. T N Krishnan (Carnatic Violin), Pt. Venkatesh Kumar (Hindustani Vocal), Pt. Rajashekhar Mansur (Hindustani Vocal), Ustad Asad Ali Khan (Hinudstani Rudra Veena), Vidushi Prof. N Rajam (Hindustani Violin), Ustad Chhote Ahmed Khan (Hindustani Sitar) and Ustad Rashid Khan (Hindustani Vocal); in addition, we also attended a dance programme by Smt. Sonal Mansingh (Odissi) — all this, thanks to Virasat of SPIC MACAY and Aravali Kannada Sangha (Ustad Chhote Ahmed Khan’s concert).

If the sheer numbers and variety is overwhelming,  the fact that this is the first time that we have listened to quite a few of them (and live too — Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Pt. Rajashekhar Mansur, Ustad Asad Ali Khan, Vidushi Prof. N Rajam, Ustad Chhote Ahmed Khan and Ustad Rashid Khan) has added lots of excitement and rang to our musical lives; what is more, we have fallen in love with the music of Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Ustad Asad Ali Khan, Ustad Chhote Ahmed Khan and Vidushi N Rajam — these days, even Maithri speaks and sings with longish pulls, drags, draws and stretches 😉

Soon, I am going to locate a good music shop in these parts, and you are going to hear a lot about some of these artists in these pages! Before I end this post, one Hindustani musical snippet that we learnt from Prof. Rajam — Bhairavi should be played towards the end of concerts — she refused to play the raga since there was another concert after hers!

PS: By the way, the programmes that we missed are numerous too — movies, puppet show, visit to the art gallery, painting workshop, yoga sessions, and, heritage walk. As you can see, even spectacularest might be an understatement 🙂

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