Morning miscellany: Madras madness and upma puranam

Vikram Raghavan at Law and other things is upset:

Almost 100 years older than the Supreme Court itself, the Madras High Court has been a grand symbol of our country’s commitment to justice and the rule of law. As a school boy and law student, I walked through those magnificent Indo-Sarcenic hallways of the High Court that reek with history, grandeur, and tradition. Having spent formative years as a legal intern there, the court is an indelible part of my legal imagination. It has greatly influenced my pride in what I’ve always considered to be the learned and noble legal profession and, indeed, in my conception of what is just, what is fair, and what is proper. Yesterday’s violent incidents shake those long-held beliefs to the core.

The fact that Vikram is upset is also made palpable by his unconscious use of the word “reek” while referring to the history, grandeur and tradition of Madras High Court.

In the other story this morning, this post of Arun Giridhar makes me crave for the Samba ravai upma (and, the fact that I showed up at the class at 8 in the morning without breakfast does not help me either):

On a very unscientific level, I had suspected once that upma made with fine semolina was digested more quickly (and consequently felt less filling) than upma made with coarse cracked wheat. It is nice to learn that there is a scientific basis for that hypothesis.

Time for a breakfast of vada if not upma, I guess!

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