Materialia Indica: officially launched

Community spaces are important — they play a key role not only in the building of the community and fostering unity among its members, but also make the community strong and effective by allowing for free and fair sharing of information, tips and other such goodies!

The Indian materials science community now has a blog of its own — and, it is called Materialia Indica. Abi, in his post, explains the ideas and vision behind the portal rather nicely; as you can see, along with Phani, I am also a co-founder of the site. We hope, sooner, with inputs, participation and support from the Indian materials community, Materialia Indica will become the (one-stop) site for materials scientists, professionals and practitioners, particularly within India.

Do spread the word; if you are so inclined, let us know so that we can make you a contributor; above all, please drop by often and leave your comments so that the web page is a site of vigorous activity.


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