Physics: a research news portal

For the past few weeks, I have been subscribed to Physics — spotlighting exceptional research; for one thing, it had provided me plenty of fodder for our tea time discussions; for another, almost all the pieces are very interesting and most of the commentaries are exceptionally good. So, here is a strong recommendation of a feed for your blog reader! And, before I sign off, here is from the introduction to this online only publication:

Anyone who has recently glanced at a library shelf of physics journals or browsed the literature online will instantly recognize both the increase in volume and the fragmentation of disciplines. How can a researcher stay on top of his or her own field, much less stay abreast of related areas that might harbor interdisciplinary gems? One way is to seek the counsel of experts, and so we begin a new publication, simply called Physics. Our goal is to highlight exceptional papers within the body of excellent research that the American Physical Society publishes each year in all of the Physical Review journals.


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