Randor Guy has a blog!

Glad tidings brought home by Arunn at Unruled Notebook!

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  1. NE Appasamy Says:

    I am reading the articles by Randor Guy right from sixties when his writings were found in Kumudam. I would like to know about this wonderful gentleman. Now a days I am seeing his writings in the HINDU’s film section every Friday etc. I love both his method of handling tamil and english languages with much ease. If I am lucky enough to have his reply to my e-mail, I would be the happiest person. I am in my early 69 years (DOB=04.06.40)
    NE Appasamy
    Windcare india Pvt Ltd
    4 Road GUDIMANGALAM 642201

    • RANDOR GUY Says:

      hi this is randor guy……

      phone 044-26746381

      hasta la vista!


      • Rajeswari Says:

        Hello Mr.Randor Guy,
        I’m trying to get documented info. on one Mr.M. K.Srinivasan who was a well known lawyer in the 60’s. I know that his work was applauded by many in the legal arena but unfortunately, I’m not getting any info. on the web. Can u please help?

      • Shivaa Sundar Says:

        Hello Mr. Randor Guy,

        Do you have a facebook page or a website? I would like to become a fan. I like to read all the info you give on old Tamil movies and am a fan of your writing.

        I watched Errol Flynn’s movie “Captain Blood” recently and noticed the plot similarities to our MGR’s swash-buckler “Aayirathil Oruvan”. I immediately thought you might have interesting tidbit about this.


      • Maureen Flannigan Says:

        Hi Mr. Randor Guy,

        I’m writing to you from the Writers Guild of America – West. We are located in Los Angeles, California. We currently have monies in foreign levies due to you for your writing work on the film “Perfume Garden”.

        I understand this is a very alternative way of trying to contact you but finding a direct contact has proven almost impossible. I was hoping you could email me or call me to discuss how we may get you your foreign copyright royalties (foreign levies). If you call, ask reception to connect you with the Foreign Levy Department.

        Thank you so much and I do hope this reply gets to you!

        Many thanks,

  2. jigopi Says:

    randor guy has got a website “www.galatta.com”

  3. Rizaet Says:

    Hello Mr. Randor Guy

    I am Rizaet, grand-daughter of Wahab Kashmiri the erstwhile small time actor and director in hindi(Rani,Chamki),tamil(Sivagangai seemai,Kuravanji),kannada[Jeevana Nataka].

    I never got to know anything about him but thanks to you from the article you had submitted in THE HINDU on the film Rani I was able to get some information

    I would be grateful and privileged if you could provide some more information on my grandfather, his early contacts,his backgound anything for that matter

    Thanking you
    Rizaet .A.Rahim

    • Raja Mohamed S Says:

      I saw him in my school days running a kinder garden school of its first kind in Periyakulam town, Theni district of Tamil Nadu around sixties in a Hindu temple choultry opposite to erstwhile Raheem Cinema Theater. He acted with ex chief minister of Tamil Nadu M.G.Ramachandran in Tamil film ‘Sabash Mappillai’ in a small role and in some Tamil historical movies as a British General. He met with an accident in a cinema shooting which resulted in a leg broken and was walking with a stick as that leg became shorter. After one or two years he sold or closed the nursery school and left the town to an unknown destination. These are the infomation about him I heard there at that time.

  4. V.Viswanathan Says:

    Dear Mr.Randor Guy,
    I wish to recollect that I am V.Viswanathan,who was acquainted with you in the early sixties when I was in Modern Bakeries and you were Efficient Publicities.
    I am now in the USA.
    Please e-mail me the following information.
    Was it E.L.Stracey,then a DIG of Police in Madras acted in the guest role as Collector in the Tamil Movie ‘Maragatham” of Pakshi Raja’s?

    • Sanjay Sircar Says:

      Since there is no record of any answer from Sri Randor Guy himself, in case Mr Viswanathan ever looks at the is page again, or if anyone else is interested, I wrote to the late Mr Stracey’s son to ask.

      He replied, “I see the movie was made in ’59, a time when Dad was in Mt Abu so it wasn’t him. He never ever spoke about being in a film even in a cameo role before I left India and I’m pretty sure that he would have shunned such a role after I left and he became more senior. In view of the date, I suspect the actor was Hugh Barbosa, a good friend and colleague of Dad’s who cut a dashing Errol Flynn look and character. I believe he did quite a few such roles.” Mr Sracty Jr said I was welcome to post this reply.

      You might wish to chase up Mr Stracey’s autobiography, if you do not know it. A very cultured, gentle account of India Raj and immediately post-Raj from the perspective of a minoroty community.
      I hop this information is usefulto someone some fay, and that some also chases up information on Hugh Barbosa and what he did.

  5. ravindran Says:

    hi,Randor you are doing some great work.Have you got any info about President Panchatcharam,Naluveli nilam ,Verum pechalla?pl write abt them.

  6. A S N HEBBAR Says:

    I wish to read your accounts in Laxmikanthan murder case. Can you help?

  7. Ishwara Says:

    Dear Sir,
    my father was extermely impressed with your article on MKT. He is a great fan of his music Everyday he is listening to MKT’s greats o=songs, which i was bale to download. If it is possible, is there any way I could obtain a movie of his?

  8. ramki Says:

    Dear Randor guy Sir
    I am Ramakrishnan, Ex Secy to Viswam chandamama publications. How are you &family.
    Executive coordinator, the Eye Foundation, Coimbatore
    M 9790684708

  9. Anuroop Says:

    Dear Randor Guy,

    This is anuroop, from Bangalore, and following your artciles quite a long time. I am not sure, if it is appropriate to ask you a help. But, would you mind giving any information, as to where I can get a copy of Kannada movie Vani, acted my Chembap Vidyanata Bhagavathar. This is for my guru hailing from Palakkad.

    Wishing you a good an healthy life.
    Warm Regards,

  10. Subhalakshmi Says:

    I am one of your fans.Even though we are in Calicut (Kerala) ,previously while at Chennai (for about 50 years) we used to read your articles in Tamil weeklies, with much interest.
    After reading your article “Blast from the past” in the Hindu (Regarding the movie Vairamaalai ) , I phoned offering my appreciation and enquired about Thottakkaara Viswanathan. I miss your article of late.Please inform whether that article is in any other day.
    With regards,

  11. Mary Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am on the lookout for an old Tamil lullaby. The song and the film I understand was shot first in Telugu titled “Santhanam” may be in 1955. I presume the film was dubbed in Tamil later. The song in Tamil goes like this “Nithirai poda thambiye” The Telugu version is available in the net but not the Tamil. I would like to get some information on the Tamil version of the film and the song as well, as it is dear to me (used to be sung by my mother who is no more)

    • Venkitasubramanian Says:

      Dear Mary Madam
      There is a shop in Kodambakkam where you can get rare old songs both video and audio. Arcot road Opposite to Mercy electronics.
      I have purchased rare songs from there like ‘Avan’, ‘Devadas’ etc.
      With warm regards

  12. Venkitasubramanian Says:

    Dear Sir
    In my teenage I have read your aalavandhar kolai vazhakku, lakshmikandhan kolai vazhakku.

    I want copies of your crime cases. Where can I get. I tried in the Chennai book fair. No one were able to recognize and respond. Kindly help.

    I am a regular reader of your articles on rare old movies in ‘The Hindu’. I heard you are still with ‘The Hindu’. Is that so?
    With warm regards

  13. Madhu Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am regular reader of your articles that appear in “The Hindu”. I admire the work done by MSV & TKR for Tamil Film Music. I would like to know why is TKR’s contribution to songs composed by them ignored. What was his role? Why could he not compete with MSV after parting ways. If you know the details, please share with us through your articles in The HIndu”


  14. N. S.Yogananda Rao Says:

    I have been reading your feature ‘blast from the past’ being published in ‘The Hindu’ every Sunday in ‘Cinema Plus’.In September 8, 2013 you wrote about the Tamil movie ‘Adutha Veettu Penn’. In the third paragraph of the article you wrote:” Pakkinti Ammayi was again remade in Telugu in 1981 with Chandramohan, Jayasudha and S. P. Balasubramanyam(as the hero’s pal and singer).”
    I would like to bring to draw your attention about an important omission in the article about (late ) K. Chakravarthy (who played the role of heroine’s dance teacher in the movie )who is already a well-known music-director in the South Indian film industry,
    dubbing artiste who has acted in a few Telugu movies

  15. Ananthanarayanan Says:

    I am interested in knowing about the Indian film industry from the beginning. Shri. Randor Guy provides a lot of information about the movies of the past, particularly, the tamil movies. The blast from the past is the first article I study (I have not used the word – read) from the Sunday Cinema Plus in the Hindu. But I am unable to get many of the movies from the market. May I request Shri Randor Guy to provide details of the availability of the movie, at least some clues?

  16. G Yadagiri Reddy Says:

    I am very much interested to read all the books written by Mr. Randor Guy. Where can I buy them. I tried through Flipcart but to no avail. Can someone please write to me where can I get the books..my email id is …gyreddy1234@yahoo.com


  17. GS Shanmugam Says:

    I want to purchases all the books writen by Sri Rangadorai Sir on crime and court cases. will somebody help me. I shall be ever grateful.

  18. Dr R Subramaniam MBBS Says:

    I am a sr physician and never miss any thing written by Randor guy( Rangadorai) i am interested and waiting for abook on indian cinema. I will be too glad and obliged if i am connected to him.

  19. sankari.M Says:

    I have been reading your columns written in The Hindu. i would like to watch the movie Engal Selvi (1960) starring Anjali Devi and A. Nageswar Rao. could you please help me to know from where shall i get a CD or DVD of that movie?

  20. Dr R Subramaniam MBBS Says:

    Dear sri Randorguy I am a sr physician and( 70 yrs young ) i am a fan of you for over half a century i am happy i got some connection now !

  21. Srinivasulu Bhattaram Says:

    I am Bhattaram Srinivasulu from Chennai
    I am reading your articles (The Grants) in Adyar Times, with great interest
    I would like to have 1 to 23, which I missed..
    How do I get it
    I have seen you and heard your talk (Ishta Goshti in Telugu) at Potti Sriramulu Hall near Luz Corner about an year ago.
    Can I have your email ID?

  22. V.Subbaroyan Says:

    Dear Mr.Randor Guy,

    I am V.Subbaroyan and I am a fan of yours.

    The article on the movie actor T.R.Ramachandran that appeared in The Hindu dated 26 June 2015 was quite interesting. I always relish the interesting tidbits provided by you.

    However I feel that the you have forgotten to mention the following points with regard to the movie Kalyanam Panniyum Brammachari.

    One is that J.P.Chandra Babu has rendered his voice to Sivaji Ganesan for the song “Jolly Life”.

    The other one is about the beautiful song “Vennilaavum Vaanum Pole” composed by T.G.Lingappa, sung by (Radha) Jayalashmi in a rare raga Jayanthasri and with wonderful abhinayam by Padmini.


  23. Savitha R Bhat Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am an ardent fan of yours,used to read all the articles published in kumudam ,the murder series you used to write in those days!wonderful they are !
    I used to read all the articles related to cinema written by you and enjoyed it very much.The depth of knowledge regarding cinema ,particularly old cinemas intamilis something I can’t stop admiring!!Amazing!!!
    How do you get so much of information of those days sir?I request you to archive them all and preserve them ,so that people like me who are still interested in relishing on informations related to old Tamil movies can get them in an easy way sir.
    If we know it is from the archives of Mr.Randor Guy ,we can be sure about the authenticity of the information we are looking for!

    I have a small request to you sir,I am an ardent fan of Sowkar Janaki madam.I am not able to get the full list of the names of the films she has acted so far!Only partial filmography ois available.can you tell me how to get it?

    Long back I saw a glimpse of a Tamil movie in which sowkar madam in the opening scene ,in a state of amnesia goes to police station to complain that her husband is missing.she is old in that scene and remembers her younger days only.AVM Rajan ,her husband comes and takes her but she can’t recognize him!At home also she will tell who changed the arrangement of the home and etc due to her amnesia!

    I would like to know the name of the movie and how to get it to watch.Unfortunately I was not able to watch the movie as electricity gone.

    Please let me the answer ,eagerly awaiting your reply sir,

    Thankyou very much sir.

    Yours Sincerely

    Savitha R Bhat.

  24. Aravindkarthik Says:

    Dear savitha R Bhat mam

    The movie mentioned in your post is PRARTHANAI starring AVM Rajan and Sowcar Janaki.

    • Savitha R Bhat Says:

      Thank you very much sir,

      Is that film Prarthanai available in the internet?OR where to get that movie for viewing?

      Thankyou once again!

  25. They call me Mr. Tibbs. Says:

    Randor, feel like swapping tall tales with me? Over a drink, chilled but not icy( or something like that )?

  26. Vidhya Says:

    Hello mr. Randor guy

    I hot introduced to your writings in newspapers especially “cases that rocked madras”
    If you have any link on the same lines i would like to read

  27. Up Says:

    My favorite wp theme is Virtue,and I think developers such as Ithemes and Mageewp are awesome.

  28. t n k guru Says:

    Hello sir (Randor guy)
    Please write an article about T A Kalyanam music director whose composition (particuarly other than film music) are best to hear whether it is christian hindu or muslim devotional there in no wiki article about him his photo is also not available is it a curse even k v mahadevan worked as an assistant to him

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