May be I should feel ashamed

For publishing this list — since it might indicate my arrogance of power — not to mention the debasement of those who read it; but since I don’t, here you go:

  1. A telescope
  2. A bamboo microscope
  3. A thermometer
  4. A compass
  5. A kaleidoscope
  6. A periscope
  7. A stethoscope
  8. A bug viewer
  9. Two lenses — Big and small
  10. A fabric tester
  11. A solar filter, and,
  12. A soma cube

are the things that I bought from Jodo Gyan (about whose microscope I have written already — I am glad yo say that I now am a proud owner of one!) for myself — apart from some pictorial puzzles, lego pieces and books that we got for Maithri.

2 Responses to “May be I should feel ashamed”

  1. Prashanth Says:

    Hello Guru,

    where and how did you purchase these items? Can it be bought from online or other cities in India?


    • Guru Says:

      Dear Prashanth,

      If you are in Delhi, you can get them from the JodoGyan office. As far as I know, you can not purchase them online or in other cities. However, JodoGyan does have a site; visit and write to them for details.


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