On repeated listenings!

Scott at musical perceptions:

I’ve written before about the artificial stress our society often makes when it comes to music enjoyment. To summarize, we often think we should be able to understand everything about a piece of music on the first hearing. If we don’t, then there is either something wrong with us, or with the music.

By the way, I am a great fan of multiple listenings too; even though I am not as much nuts as some of my friends who play the same song in loop for hours together (earlier days, it meant — stop the cassette player; rewind; play — the pleasures of digital age is in that you don’t have to follow such complex steps!), I do listen to an artist or a particular album of an artist regularly, everyday, for a couple of weeks before I switch to some other artist or album. And, in my experience, it is the multiple listenings which are closely spaced in space and time that reveal to me the artists that I really like — very few are the ones whose recording I never get bored off. For those of you who are curious, for the past week or so, it is the Old Gems and Bharathiyar Songs of MS and a couple of songs of Kumar Gandharva that I keep repeating!


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