Bharadwaj Rangan in the New Year!

Bharadwaj Rangan is not very happy with the very first offering of Bollywood this year — Kaashh .. Mere Hote! While I commiserate with him and agree that it might not auger well for the year in terms of quality of movies, at least for reviews like the one that he has written, I guess they are worthwhile; here are a couple of samples!

And that we’d be treated, in this day and age, to one of those romantic interludes where the heroine squeals, “I hate you, I hate you,” when she really, really luurrves her man?

We’re used to films that treat the audiences like morons, but Kaashh… Mere Hote may be something of a first – the characters, themselves, treat one another like morons. The heroine asks, at one point, “Kya?” Then, cleverly intuiting that the hero needs more prompting, she adds, “Kya hua?” Finally, just to make sure the essence of her communication doesn’t get lost in translation, she tosses in an option in another language, “What happened?” But this is nothing compared to Rajesh Khanna’s fourfold declaration of his vision impairment. “I’m blind. I can’t see. Main nahin dekh sakta. Main andha hoon,” he yells, as if offering multiple choices to a contestant on a game show. In that vein, we too shall declare: This film is no good. It’s bad. It sucks. Total bakwaas hai, boss.

Have fun (and, bookmark his blog).

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