Some people get lucky (I too was — once)

I can vouch for this feeling:

Every once in a while there occurs a musical high point in life when I realise that all discussions on raga, tala, srutis, notes and sahitya are mere hair-splitting exercises.

It happened to me after a concert of T V Sankaranarayan in which he sang a phenomenal Kambhoji (Thiruvadi Charanam). It had happened to Sriram after a lec demo at Music Academy by Nedanuri:

This morning’s lec dem by Nedanuri Krishnamurthy, supported by the Malladi Brothers and accompanied by VV Ravi on the violin, was one such.

As Sriram notes at the end of his piece,

It was a wonderful morning and words cannot express the musical experience. Those who attended were lucky.

I only wish I was that lucky!


One Response to “Some people get lucky (I too was — once)”

  1. shills Says:

    It was highly remarkable. Was there at the lecdem too.

    Have posted an article on the lecdem too. you can find it in

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