Royal Society does it again

A couple of years ago I wrote about Royal Society opening its digitial archives free for everyone for a period of two months. Today, while I was searching for something else, I came to know that the archives are thrown open yet again (emphasis towards the end of the quote is mine):

The Royal Society Digital Journal Archive, incorporating all content from 1665 to 2006, is easily the most comprehensive archive in science and contains some of the most significant scientific papers ever published. Covering almost 350 years of scientific research across the disciplines it is a priceless academic resource, …

The complete archive is available online at and is free as part of one of the Royal Society’s journal subscription packages and FREE for all until 1 February 2009.

A time to rejoice; and, it is also the time to sit down, make a list of papers that should be downloaded, and, download them (which I failed to do last time around).


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4 Responses to “Royal Society does it again”

  1. milieu Says:

    Thanks for the links!
    Any reccomendations?

  2. biswajit Says:

    Not free for me, apparently. Not yet?

  3. Guru Says:

    Dear Milieu:

    I do not know of your area of interest — some classic of materials science (like those of Griffith, Eshelby, G I Taylor, …) as well as many from physics and mathematics were published in these journals. A good place to start would be this page.

    Dear Biswajit:

    I could download some paper, for which, I do know that my Institution does not have access through the pages and hence I assumed that it is already open for everybody. I did download the appers from my office. however, I do not think it should matter.


  4. milieu Says:

    Hi Guru,
    Thanks for that link too! My interest is specifically Chem.Eng.. but I guess not too many papers would feature in Royal Soc. there. So was just curious about important papers in other categories.

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