IHE news items are stranger than those of Onion

Like this one about exam week Zen:

At Pasadena City College, it’s Relaxation Week. Otherwise known as Finals Week.

“Basically we provide the students with breakfast, hot chocolate, coffee, water, lunch, and healthy snacks,” explains Lauren Crisci, a vice president of the Associated Students organization. Then, on two of the four days, they bring in massage therapists for free 10-minute massages in the library: “All of this is to help the students relax, de-stress and do well on their finals.”

At Crunch Brunch at the University of Kentucky on Monday, the first 2,500 attendees were to receive long-sleeved T-shirts. In addition to breakfast, served by faculty and staff, the university was bringing in two caricature artists and sponsoring other various carnival-like activities (including a Sandy Candy station – for a sugar high). “We have 10 massage therapists coming in who will be giving probably two to three minute shoulder and back massages. I’m sure they’ll be having hand cramps by the end of the night,” says Heather Yattaw, assistant director in the Office of Student Involvement.

And, so on. What I want to know is whether there is any massages for the instructors while and after grading 🙂 (Apparently, in some places there is — like Oregon Institute of Technology:

At the Oregon Institute of Technology, which brings in a massage therapist once monthly, the most recent scheduled session was during “Dead Week,” just before finals. “We also open it to staff and faculty because we figure anyone can benefit. It’s a stressful time for anyone on campus,” says Marilyn Gran-Moravec, a nurse and administrative director at the Student Health Center.)


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2 Responses to “IHE news items are stranger than those of Onion

  1. mekhala Says:

    Haha! The student council at the Univ of Michigan does indeed offer pancake breakfasts and massages – stressbusters for students… When i was a student instructor, we were served good dinners before and while grading. A massage would have definitely helped!

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Mekhala,

    Nice to know that instructors are taken care too; I think Indian institutions should also start these practices — free food and some nice massage would be wonderful!


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