First writer to use “space” in the sense of outer space

Here is the NPR piece which gives the information:

… Milton, who visited Galileo in 1638, was also the first writer to ever use the word “space,” in the sense of “outer space,” to consider the infinite scope of the universe. As he wrote in Book 8 of Paradise Lost:

… this earth a spot, a grain,
An atom, with the firmament compared
And all her numbered stars that seem to roll
Space incomprehensible (for such
Their distance argues and their swift return

There is also other interesting information on Milton in the piece, like this one, for example:

“[Milton] was a very great poet, a great mythmaker. He was an interesting man, politically — one of the first European intellectuals to argue in favor of divorce on the grounds of lack of spiritual companionship,” says Kerrigan. “He published the first book devoted to censorship. All of this, along with some of the greatest poetry in the history of the world.”

A nice piece; take a look!



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