On inspiration

It comes in many forms. Arunn at Unruled Notebook gets it when he reads the online and newspaper columns of

Poet Pithamagar Peter ‘Split Tongue’ Roebuck.

A must-read post — to give you a flavour:

It goes like this in Sanskrit in India

Om, SuklAmbaradharam Dhonim, sasi varnam glovedbhujam, prasanna vadhanam dhyayeth, sarva cricket-vignaupashanthaye…

In English translation, it goes like this in all media that Peter pens, Indians read and Australians skip (like cricinfo):

Om, White Clothed Dhoni, the Beginner of Everything, Fair complexioned, Wielding Gloved Hands, Smiling radiant Faced, Meditate on Him for the Clearing of All (Indian Cricketing) Obstacles.

So I hope, no no, I expect you all realize the wisden, no wisdom of poet peter’s words. As an Indian cricket fan, after reciting the above chant throughout the cricket match and if possible three days after it is over, you will realize India victorious, Australia meritorious, Poet Peter Roll-in-bucks.

Now, if that is not inspired writing, you tell me, sister, what else is?



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