An update and a few links!

I start teaching my first class today (and it is going to be three classes per week — Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings); we also shifted to a single bedroom transit accomodation; so, the weekend was spent on the move and in preparing for my classes. That is why, though I read and enjoyed Haroun and the sea of stories of Salman Rushdie (came with a very strong recommendation from Praj and did not disappoint me), and am reading and thoroughly enjoying Fritz Staal’s Discovering the Vedas and Peter Atkins’ Four laws that drive the universe, I did not get a chance to write detailed posts about these three books — but, some day, they will eventually get written. In the meanwhile, here are a few links from the Hindu: 10 popular books of Amartya Sen (of which, I read only one and it was, though enjoyable,  not an easy read); John M Alexander’s tribute to Amartya Sen on his 75th birthday; and, the latest literary review with plenty of stuff to read (of which, Pradeep Sebastian’s Endpaper column, as usual,  needs a special mention). Now, it is time for me to get going!


5 Responses to “An update and a few links!”

  1. Jayan Says:

    Congratulations Prof.

    My wishes for a fabulous career.

  2. Guru Says:

    Thank you Jayan!

  3. VS Says:

    So you have joined the evil gang..

    Guru, the friendly guy in A mess to demon of the IITD corridor..

    My sympathies to your students.


  4. biswajit Says:

    Congratulations Guru! What are you teaching?

  5. Guru Says:

    Dear VS

    Thanks for acknowledging the Dark Lord!

    Dear Biswajit,

    Thanks. As of now, I am teaching the tutorials and lab sessions of a (n undergrad) service course — Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering. Next semester, I might do the full course as well as another materials related course for the Masters students. I also have plans of launching at least one course of my own which will be mostly on the micromechanics of defects and modelling of microstructural evolution.


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