What Eee PC is ideal for

Linux Journal on Michael Anti and his Eee PC:

In sum, Michael said he has found the Eee PC ideal for three things: 1) hacking, 2) doing journalistic work and 3) watching TV. (In fact, he believes it is “the future of the TV”.)

Ethan Zuckerman, who was at the same meeting, added, “I’ve seen these all over the place. I ran into (some) Asian businessmen in Amsterdam last week. And they were all carrying them. It’s caught on really, really fast.”

His one caution is adaptation. It took him a week to get used to the smaller-size keyboard. Plus, he adds, “You should have some five minutes to get used to it” when you’re coming from a normal-size keyboard. Seems like time he’s willing to invest.

In my experience, after the total number of USB ports, the next most frequent question I encountered about eee pc is whether the size of the key board makes it difficult to use the machine; my answer is the same as that of Anti; it takes some time; after that, even when I alternate between a normal size key board and my eee pc several times a day, I do not find any difficulty.


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