A forced break!

We have spent almost a month in Srirangam now; the town certainly has a charm and character of its own — the regular visits to the different sannidhi-s, the visits to the river, the visits to the vilas-s and cafe-s, the Abhishekham-s, the Thirumanjanam-s, the food at the temples and the mutts, the slightly eccentric priests and officials (like the one who gets offended if you ask for the receipt when you give him the money), the very confident astrologers, the free medical advice (and, dare I also call it drug pushing?) given promptly at the Dhanvantri sannidhi — between Thirumanjanam and Alankaram, the excellent flower shops, the variety of animals to keep your daughter engaged (elephant, horse, cat, dog, and goat to mention but a few that you see on your trip from home to the temple), and a slightly feudal system (to get down the auto and walk away without paying for the ride immediately is not just usual but the norm — which seems to strengthen the patron-client relationship — since I use only your auto and nobody else’s, I pay you when I fancy; the auto driver is also wiling to forego immediate payment in the interest of regular patronage).

In any case, we will be leaving Srirangam tomorrow (and, miss all the charms, sites and sounds of the town, surely) to visit my ancestral village and stay there for ten days or so; there is no internet connection that I know of in my village — which means, I am going to take a forced break from regular blogging. However, I will blog about the visit and the experience the moment I get access to a machine with net connection!


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