Some reading material on structural phase transformations!

Phase transformations and their modelling is an area of research that is of great interest to me. So, I found the latest journal club piece at iMechanica by Kaushik Dayal on the kinetics of structural phase transformations very interesting.

Dayal introduces four papers in the piece. The first one by Ericksen dates from 1975. The next two are more recent and are by Truskinovsky and Vainchtein (2005) and Hildebrand and Abayaratne (2007). The last one is by Kaushik Bhattacharya and is nearly a decade old (1999). While the first one is about the limitations of continuum models to study problems of this type, the second and third are of atomistic models, and the last is related to mesoscopic models.

Although I have heard of some of the authors (and, heard one of the authors long back in Bangalore on some of these problems — Kaushik Bhattacharya), all these papers and the ideas presented in them are new to me. I am planning to read at least a couple of them and blog about them in these pages later.

However, in the meanwhile, I also wanted to draw attention to another school that uses phase field models to study structural phase transformations (martensitic transformations) at the mesoscopic scale;  some of the important papers in this area (that I am aware of) are due to Khachaturyan and his co-workers and Roytburd and his co-workers (and, a Google Scholar search might also throw up plenty of other references). It might also be interesting to see how these continuum models compare (or differ) from the types of models that Dayal discusses in his piece.

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