Microsoft as the heroic underdog!?!

Google, of course, is anti-content. Content is for schmucks. Other people make content. Google yokes its search algorithm to its advertising products– which are also content-free, involving none of the creative effort that people have traditionally associated with advertising — and connects marketers to the lurching, undifferentiated Web audience running Microsoft’s operating system and ignoring the snazzy display ads that Yahoo runs. Google is the most successful gangster that has ever existed, insisting on its cut, even though everything that makes it Google is supplied by somebody else.

In the end, Yahoo believed that it was better to bond with Google, the big new thing, and continue to flip Microsoft the bird, as it has long done. And so, Yahoo has sealed its doom. Our only hope now, as we spy the gruesome Pax Googleannica of Web 3.0 on the horizon, is that renegade survivors of the Web 1.0 pioneer that took its name from Jonathan Swift’s race of barbarians will say, “Enough,” and join with their former sworn foe to give hope to those of us who see the Web as something better than a merciless “Matrix”-like monetized quantification of all we do and all we are. That’s right, as Yahoo makes its Faustian pact with Google, Microsoft — Microsoft! — has finally become the heroic underdog.

Mathew DeBord in LATimes; via Mark Thoma.

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