Indian nationalism and appreciating music

KN Panikkar reviews Maria Misra’s Vishnu’s crowded temple; though he has several complaints about the book, on the whole, his review is positive:

The historical process through which India evolved into a modern nation is the theme of this book. In the words of the author it is conceived as a “three act drama.” The first narrates the building of the empire and the “diverse and complex response of Indians to this curious edifice”; the second is concerned with the crisis of the imperial system and the successful struggle of the national movement, and the third narrates the post-Independence project of democratic and secular reconstruction, and the subsequent Hindu “nationalist” departure.

Partho Datta reviews Rajeev Nair’s A rasika’s journey through Hindustani music, and is full of praise for the book:

This is a lovely book that introduces as well as enthuses about Hindustani classical music. For the aficionado it offers a discerning summary of the available lore and literature on musicians. The best way to read this book is to first dip into the biographical introductions to musicians. The detailed notes on the lives of legendary musicians including historical figures like Tansen are finely etched.

Both the books sound interesting and might be worth checking out during the next visit to the bookshop.

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