What does Indiana Jones carry in his shoulder bag?

That is what some archaeologists are wondering about!

Unbelievable: Being Caught Without a Pencil

OK, the scene where Indy tore into a mummy with his bare hands raised an eyebrow, but I almost fell out of my seat when he turned to his sidekick Mutt and asked to borrow a knife. Not even completely incompetent archaeologists go anywhere without a multi-purpose knife and a pen and paper (and maybe even a measuring tape) to at least make a basic record of what they find. It got even worse in a later scene when the archaeologist had to borrow a freakin’ pencil. What’s Indy carrying in his shoulder bag — a change of undies and some trail mix?


2 Responses to “What does Indiana Jones carry in his shoulder bag?”

  1. Photonics and Lighting Forum Says:

    the shoulder bags that my girlfriend uses are always made up from natural leather .–

  2. Jeremy Says:

    After watching Raiders tonight I noticed he used at least three things from his bag. A whisk broom, pencil, notepad

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