Registration and the poster sessions

I went to the registration desk and picked up my registration material this evening. Although I was told that the Convention centre where the conference happens is only half-a-mile from my hotel, and in principle it is — since the nearest gate is less than half-a-mile from my hotel — once I entered, I had to walk more than a mile to reach the registration area. Apart from that, registration was cool.

I just had enough time to run back to the hotel, pick my poster material and reach the poster session area; it took a few minutes for me to put up the poster. There was not much of a crowd at the session; the ones who turned up were there to have a chat with some of us the authors and the chairman of the session, I suppose. But, some of those who were present did come by my poster and had a chat with me. Some of them even told me that they liked the work. And, some are even interested in knowing more about my work and/or applying it to their own problems. To that extent, the poster was a success.

Unfortunately, since I was supposed to be around for the poster, I could not visit those of others. I jsut hung around my poster, and, had some soda, cheese, olives, crackers and celery too during the poster session and the subsequent discussions.

One surprise during the session was meeting Suresh, who was a masters student at IISc and who is doing his PhD in TU-Delft in Netherlands now. It was nice meeting him and we are planning to have some get-together dinner for old times sake sometime. Suresh was also surprised to see a more rounded version of me — he could not help exclaiming குண்டாயிட்டீங்க! first, and then a little while later, தொப்பை எல்லாம் போட்டுட்டீங்க!

I will try and get a post about our New Orleans sight seeing and dining experience, with photos soon.

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