Some excellent blogs!

Here are some excellent blogs that I read and enjoy tremendously (in no particular order):

  1. Nanopolitan: India, Higher-Ed, politics and teaching — Abi’s blog always has something new, interesting and exciting–and a very wide range of links!
  2. FemaleScienceProfessor: Ever since I heard of FSP’s blog from asymptotia, till date, I have not seen a single post in her blog that did not interest me;
  3. On being a scientist and woman: It should be women, and engineer in addition to scientist in the name, since, recently, the education/women’s studies oriented engineer Alice Pawley joined Sciencewoman as a co-blogger. Full of thoughtfully written posts and tips on many aspects of academic life, some of Sciencewoman’s posts also resonate with me personally, since she blogs copiously about Minnow, who is almost of the same age as my daughter;
  4. Rajeev’s almanack: Be it quantum physics or Pakistan politics or some parables from Mahabharatha, here is a blog that always brings wit, wisdom and lots of humour to bear on issues!
  5. Grrlscientist: Probably one of the oldest blogs in my blog reader, Grrlscientists blog is full of photos, videos, commentary on peer-reviewed research, book reviews, and politics and personal news; the quality and quantity of the writing in this blog always makes me a bit jealous of this Interrupted scientist!
  6. Birdchick: The wonderful photographs in this blog are such a joy to view and to share; almost always, I call out to the person in the room to show that nice cardinal or this nuthatcher! If you like birds and nice photographs of birds, this is a must-see blog–not to mention the disapproving rabbit, Cinnamon;
  7. Light Reading: The only problem with Jenny Davidson’s blog is that she links to too many articles and almost all of them are a must-read; what is more, she links to nice scientific articles in addition to literary ones;
  8. Maud Newton: Maud is also like Jenny above: too many links and all of them of very high quality, and most of them are literary befitting her writerly credentials! There are occasional give-aways and recipes too;
  9. John Hawks: Hawks is one of those rare bloggers who write about paleoanthropology, genetics and evolution in a language that non-specialists like me can understand and enjoy (though not all of the posts); Hawks is also a different kind of blogger who does not allow comments on his blog–and, the reasons he gives for not allowing comments tells you the exacting standards to which he runs his blog; and,
  10. Talking pictures: This is the India-Institute version of Birdchick that I discovered relatively recently thanks to Abi, except that there are lots of evolution, ecology and such other research information to go along with the photos.

Thanks to Lim Leng Hiong at Fresh Brainz who gave me this opportunity to list ten excellent blogs by giving me the Excellent Blog award. Of course, knowing the standards by which the blogs that I have listed are run, it is a bit presumptuous of me to give them an award and ask them to post a list of ten excellent blogs (though, if some of them can indeed do that, that would be a great bonus!). So, they are to be considered more as pointers than as awards! Have fun!

Excellent blog


6 Responses to “Some excellent blogs!”

  1. Jayan Says:

    Congratulations !! That’s a great honour.


  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Jayan,

    Thank you very much; it did indeed make my day!


  3. Abi Says:

    Hi Guru! Thanks so much for this special treatment. Coming from you, it’s doubly special!

  4. Guru Says:

    Dear Abi,

    The pleasure is mine!


  5. sgrajeev Says:

    Thanks for the mention. And congratulations!–R

  6. Guru Says:

    Dear Rajeev,

    Thanks, and it was my pleasure to share your blog with the readers of this.


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