HowTo: become a great scientist

Morgan C Giddings at PLoS Computational Biology gives seven tips:

  • Don’t worry about age, worry about being exposed to new ideas;
  • Tinker;
  • Take risks;
  • Enjoy your work!;
  • Learn to say “No!”;
  • Learn to enjoy the process of writing and presenting; and,
  • See the big picture and keep it in mind.

I particularly liked his “means matter” approach:

The astute reader may notice that most of the above rules are about process, rather than end result. This is to counter a phenomenon endemic to our culture: results count, and so advice is usually tailored to how to get those results in the quickest and most obvious manner. However, by attempting to short-circuit the thinking about process, in order to achieve the quickest result, often the end result is not a better one, and more importantly, leads to little long-term gratification.

Take a look!

Link via (who else?) Coturnix.

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