Dancing one’s thesis!

No, we aren’t talking about defending your thesis in front of an audience sprinkled with what Abi calls jerks in academia; we are talking about interpretative dancing of PhD theses (via Seed Daily Zeitgeist):

You may not be interested in reading a dissertation titled, ” “Refitting repasts: a spatial exploration of food processing, sharing, cooking and disposal at the Dunefield Midden campsite, South Africa.” But who could resist the chance to see it danced by the author, Brian Stewart, a graduate student of archaeology at Oxford?

He was the winner of the first “Dance Your PhD Contest,” held in Vienna, Austria, by John Bohannon, who writes the Gonzo Scientist column for the journal Science. Mr. Stewart, performing in a loin cloth, danced a highly stylized antelope chase followed by the processing and distribution of the food. He was assisted by a fellow archaeologist at Oxford, Giulia Saltini-Semerari, who played the antelope.

Take a look! And, if you know of any interesting thesis that might make a good theme, let me know!


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