Darwin in Indian languages

John Hawks has a note about the translation of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species and the Descent of Man into Croatian, which piqued my interest about the translation of Darwin into Indian languages. A bit of googling tells me of the Hindi translation of his Origin of species in 1964 (Go here and type Hindi in their search box for more information), and a Kannada translation of his autobiography. Do the readers of this blog know of any other translations? Into Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, or Telugu, for example? If so, who did the translation, and which book? I am dying to know!

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4 Responses to “Darwin in Indian languages”

  1. Jayan Says:

    Guru, There are translations of origin of species in Malayalam. These days, etheist publications are distributing it.

  2. Guru Says:


    Thanks for the info; I did find some links to selected works of Darwin in Malayalam (published by some Atheist association); however, when I went to the page, the stuff was in Malayalam — all I could understand was Darwin, 500 pages, and 250 rupees — I could not make out the title of the book. So, I couldn’t determine if it was a book about Darwin or a translation of his work.

    By the same token, I believe there should be translations of his work in the other languages too; however, I am not able to get any information online though.



  3. gaddeswarup Says:

    None in Telugu as far as I know, I am making enquiries and if there is any news, I will write again. It seems that ‘God Delusion’ is translated.

  4. Guru Says:

    Dear Swarup,

    I am looking forward to the update; if there be no translations, however, it would be really surprising indeed! I could not find any Tamil translations either, by the way.


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