HowTo: spice a South Indian wedding

Krish Ashok clarifies what he means by spice-up first:

When I use the word “spice”, it’s not like “They added an item song to spice the movie up”.  It’s more like “They used modern technology as one would use a fluorescent marker, to reinforce and highlight the the relevance of ancient traditions”.

Then he goes on to list some problems with the present wedding ceremonies, like this one, for example:

 My amateur musician heart goes out to all the Nadaswaram and Thavil brothers who are cruelly mistreated and their music blatantly disrespected at every Tambram wedding. They are all too frequently interrupted and asked, willy-nilly, to stop their passionate alapana in Thodi and instead, play an unmusical stream of noise called Getty Melam.

And, his solution? You have to go see the cartoon involving Bose G1000 “Getty Monster” speakers, Chi, Sow, and the Nadaswaram party to appreciate it.

PS 1: This being a 1.0.1 (beta), I can understand that he is not keen on talking about item song kind of spice up; but in the interest of South Indian humanity and keeping up its cultural heritage, I hope he will do a post on the more interesting kind of spicing up of marriages next time!

PS 2: Hat tip: Gandham for the email alert!


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