We are like that only

When I see a book titled thus, I cannot help but wonder what, what title and all people give to their books yaar!

S Ramachander reviews Rama Bijapurkar’s book on Indian consumer market titled We are like that only and finds it very good:

I like this book personally for the reasons that we like most things; because it says what one wishes one had done oneself. For instance, her persistent use of the new and more research based mental models is very encouraging. The fact of the matter is a good marketing strategy in India of today demands a combination of the skills of a sociologist, anthropologist and economist, which is quite rare in any individual and difficult to come by among the permanent staff of a company.

Insight rather than information or statistics should guide thinking on any relevant, innovative marketing strategy. It is a lesson that many CEOs tend to learn slowly and somewhat reluctantly. Here is a book that should help along the way, if they are so persuaded.

A common friend once described Rama Bijapurkar’s chief strength as the ability to popularise difficult concepts and turn research findings into layman’s language. I thought that it was a perceptive remark, considering how she has used a career in marketing research, and understanding the complex entity called the Indian consumer market as a springboard to becoming a well-recognised publicist for marketing and a strategy consultant.

After reading the very interesting volume full of insightful arguments and convincing data, one tends to agree. The book demonstrates that “Rama is like that only.”

If you ask me, I will tell you just one thing — for that title alone, I would happily shell out the 500 bucks, really! Take a look!

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5 Responses to “We are like that only

  1. Phaniraj Says:

    🙂 That title is definitely one which would make me pick and browse. I am sure Eloor would have it already.
    `wonder if she also uses ‘and-all’.

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Phani,

    If the title is any indication, she might be, and that would really be fun to read.


  3. Jayan Says:

    This could be a research topic by itself.. I have seen many such names and as you said, you pick up these books by the name..

    One of the weirdest I have seen is a novel by Argentine author Manuel Puig and the title goes “Eternal Curse on the readers of these pages” . By the way, I strongly recommend this book. He is gem of a writer.


  4. Guru Says:

    Dear Jayan,

    Thanks for the tip on Manuel Puig. I will look for it. Recently, I found that Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution has also been experimenting with books by picking them up by the cover. Last time I heard, he even had some reasoning to explain why it might be a good strategy.


  5. Vijay Says:

    Today I met Rama Bijapurkar the author of this book, She is splendid. That One hour session has changed the way we look at the potential that India has. I have bought the book and will go through this.

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