Casanova in Bolzano

I finished reading Sandor Marai’s Casanova in Bolzano; if you have read Embers (which, you should, if you haven’t already), there are certain things that are familiar — a rich and powerful man, his wife, and her lover; the lover is a coward since he ran away leaving the girl to the rich man; and so on. There are also the typical meditative and ruminative monologues of Marai, like the one which goes on page after page discussing a single line note that the girl wrote to her lover “I must see you”. If you like Marai and his writing style, here is a book that you would enjoy. If you haven’t read any Marai, I would still recommend that you read Embers first before reading this one.

PS: Here is the Complete Review on Casanova in Bolzano:

 B: more talk than action, decent character-study.

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2 Responses to “Casanova in Bolzano

  1. Jayan Says:


    Sandor Marai is a late discovery for the rest of the world. His style and the language is way above the rest of his contemporaries. I have read Embers before reading Casanova and yet to read ‘rebels’. As you said, everyone who likes fiction must read Embers, even if the skip Casanova ..


  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Jayan,

    I also came to know about Marai and Embers via David Davidhar (when he used to write a sort of book review section in the Hindu). A couple of us at IISc became great fans of Marai. I am also yet to read Rebels, and needless to say, looking forward to it.


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