Systems biology and India

D Balasubramanian, in his Speaking of Science column in the Hindu, describes metabolome and systems biology:

Did you know that the human body has 2500 small molecules as metabolites, 1200 drugs, and 3500 food components?

This catalogue is referred to as, what else, our metabolome.

As Dr. Eric Lander said, decoding the genome is akin to writing out the list of parts that make a Boeing 727, and the challenge starts now: to understand how the parts are put together, what each part does, and how they interact and govern each other’s actions. This is the business of the new subject called systems biology.

He goes on to make a case for India to take the initiatives in developing systems biology:

Systems biology is thus a highly interdisciplinary field – genetics and biochemistry, bioinformatics, computer modelling, and data analysis (…). The rewards are rich- giving information on toxicity analysis of drugs, disease diagnosis, metabolic fingerprinting and basic biology.

Here is an area that is still developing, an area where India can take a leading role by putting together biologists, computer scientists, and systems analysts. Lets us go for it.

Take a look!

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3 Responses to “Systems biology and India”

  1. Rahul Bagga Says:

    Believe me, India can never take leading role in Biotechnology related industry while it has taken rest of the world by storm like USA has biotechnology dedicated Stock Exchange like NASDAQ ! The good countries of world have realised the strength of biotechnology and its work area, India is certainly not the one and can never be the one. India is all about the call center and BPOs! that’s all. I appreciate this entry but sorry this is the FACT. India stands no where in its biotechnology program while countries are switching onto biorefineries and poylgeneration energy processes, India has not even taken its first step towards it. Our politicians are good for nothing they do not know a single word of science..

  2. biointelligence Says:

    Here is more on Systems Biology.

  3. Nachhaltige Produkte Says:

    Sanfter Tourismus…

    Systems biology and India « Entertaining Research…

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