Free books on math and physics

John Baez, at This week’s finds in mathematical physics points to a large number of online resources:

At least around here, Christmas seems to be all about buying stuff and giving it away. Giving is good. But I think gifts have more soul if you make them yourself. This is one of the great things about the internet: it lets us create things and give them to everyone in the world – or more precisely: everybody who wants them, and nobody who doesn’t.

In this spirit, here’s a roundup of free books on math and physics: gifts from their authors to you.

There are nearly thirty links that Baez provides; even though some of the later links are for very specific areas of mathematical physics, there are several for general mathematics and physics. Take a look!


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One Response to “Free books on math and physics”

  1. akram Says:

    i want physics books

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