Reading and writing!

I do not know how I missed this interview with Junot Diaz at Boldtype. Of course, there are many interesting things that Diaz has to say about Oscar Wao, and the process of writing it. Here is his answer to the first question, namely, if he was a voracious reader when he was a kid, for example:

For me, writing is an outgrowth of reading. I’m a reader way before I’m a writer. It started when I was a kid because when I read I didn’t have an accent. No one could fucking fuck with me, you know? In your head, you sound great. I was convinced that if I read enough, I could erase all the awkwardness of being an immigrant. It took like ten years before I could realize what people were talking about. For the longest time I didn’t know what people meant when they were talking about the Who. For real, bro, it’s amazing. I used to think that if I read enough it would all become clear. But of course that wasn’t true.

Take a look!


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