The luck of South Indians

Ram Guha writes about Somnathapura, which leads him to muse on the luck of South Indians to have lead a reasonably strife-free civil life:

Of all the regions of the world, perhaps only Oceania has been as lucky as South India. Since the early battles between the European colonisers and the indigenous communities, the massed guns have been silent there too. But they have been used elsewhere — thus Australians and New Zealanders died in their tens of thousands during the two World Wars, fighting to protect their British monarch. This massive loss of life scarred generations of their countrymen, those who had lost sons and fathers in lands faraway.

Of all the regions of India and the world, only we in the South have been exempt for so long from the horrors of war and civil strife.

Take a look!

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6 Responses to “The luck of South Indians”

  1. gaddeswarup Says:

    I would like to believe that but I vagulely remember the fear I saw in people around 1948 in coastal Andhra when the police came to their houses. Some villages were burnt. Has Guha temporarily forgotten Nizam’s rule, razakars, and the Telangana people’s movement in the 4o’s which still continues under the Naxalite type movements from Telangana to Orissa? He may be thinking of bigger things.

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Swarup,

    I also am thinking that Guha is thinking of bigger things (since his comparison is with respect to wars between countries); in that respect, both during the wars that were waged on us by Pakistan and China, South India did escape untouched.

  3. Pratap Says:

    I have been visiting your blog for a long time. This is one of the best links you have provided! Thanks for the pointer. Somnathpura is a wonder and thank goodness it has survived because of its inaccessibility. But what Guha says about South India is generally true. Except for the Coorgis, no other major tribe or ethnic group from the South represents us in the armed forces, let alone fighting a war down here.

  4. Guru Says:

    Dear Pratap,

    Thanks for stopping by and the comments. Somnathapura is a great place, and I remember one of my cousins who went gaga after he visited the place for the first time. I guess we are very lucky indeed in having such a place survive destruction.

  5. gaddeswarup Says:

    Possibly my last comment for a while; I am going on a long trip to India.
    There is a discussion on this at ‘churumiri’. And Shanta Devarajan says in “Four inconvenient truths about India’s economic growth’ that economic development is mostly in the South and West.

  6. Guru Says:

    Dear Swarup,

    Have a nice trip home; we will miss you around here (and, look forward to hearing from you on your return).

    And, thanks for the pointer; Guha also makes a comment about inhomogeneous growth in different parts of the country in his book.


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