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Oh — How I love Amsterdam!

November 2, 2007

Amsterdam is rich in terms of art. It has many music halls, small theatres and huge multiplex. The biggest multiplex group is Pathe. It has 4 multiplex in Amsterdam alone with almost more than 35 screens between them but most of them running to absent audience. A ticket to a show costs 9 Euros, 4:50 Euros on a Saturday morning and 6:25 Euros for all Tuesday shows.So if I watched 4 movies a month, my spending on movies would be 36 euros a month. If I wait a couple of months, renting the DVD for the same movie would cost me 3:50 Euros per movie. But then watching the movie on the DVD does not have the same fun as watching the movie on the big screen. It was experience against economics.

My problems were solved when almost two years back, Pathe came up with Unlimited card. As the card said unlimited it really meant unlimited. The card had a compulsory subscription of 4 months with 17.50 Euros per month. After the mandatory 4 months, viewer could continue or opt out. You can watch unlimited movies per month using the Unlimited Pathe pass card.

The idea is simple. You pay 17.50 euros per month. You have 4 theatres in the city. Walk in any theatre, show your Pathe Unlimited Card and get a ticket to the movie you want to see. No discount, no payment, just the card and the ticket free. Only condition is that you can get a ticket within one hour before the movie starts. So if the movie is houseful, you will not get a ticket. Its first come, first serve.

From Full2Faltu; via DesiPundit.

PS: By the way, is Rs. 500 for four movies considered nominal price in Indian metros? Whatever happened to Rs. 30 balcony tickets?