Some more thermodynamics

Didn’t I tell you about the bit of thermodynamics in every researcher’s life? Rajeev, at his Almanack, writes about the geometry of thermodynamics, the close analogy between thermodynamics and geometric optics, and geometrisation of thermodynamics as the first step towards quantum thermodynamics. What is more, the hero of the piece is none other than Gibbs (with S Chandrashekhar also being part of the cast):

… the main problem I had was to find out information about good old fashioned classical thermodynamics. Except for some treatments by V. I. Arnold and Chnadrashekhar, I had to go all the way back to the literature of almost a hundred years to find a sophisticated discussion on the subject. J. W. Gibbs is the main hero of the story, his ideas were developed by Pfaff and Caratheodory into a beautiful if under-appreciated subject.

Take a look!

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