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How to read

Ravi Vyas, in the Classics Revisited column in the Hindu literary review writes about Virginia Woolf’s Common Reader:

When every essay is a classic in itself and the range so wide, where and how does one begin? One could highlight some of the essays in each volume, quote some extracts and then leave it to you to take it from there if you are so inclined. So, here it goes.

Vyas then goes on to list four must-reads from the first volume, and one from the second volume. As the regular readers of this blog know, I am a great fan of Common Reader too; it is one of those books which will have such a profound influence on you that your tastes and appreciation of books can neatly be divided as Pre- and Post-CR.

We are like that only!

Navtej Sarna writes an Open Letter to Sir Naipaul:

Wisdom dictates that one should step aside when titans clash…only, in this case, all the other titans are conveniently dead. Life is short, Mr. Naipaul, don’t tell us anymore whom you don’t like. Instead, tell us, is there anyone you like at all? I have a feeling that will not need another book. Probably a one-liner will suffice.

And, ends his letter with a parting request:

Just one parting request: if this country is so hopeless, its literature so bankrupt, its literary soul so vacuous, then why not just let us be? You see, we are like this only.

What and all Sarna writes in his letter, and what, what comments he makes, they are all simply superb-yaar. You have to read it, I tell you.

Intriguing, compelling, satisfying book

Pradeep Sebastian, in his Endpaper column discusses a book that he finds

the most intriguing, compelling, satisfying book about books published in a long, long time.

Knowing Pradeep Sebastian, such a high praise means that it must be a must-read among must-reads.

Happy reading!

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