X-ray microscopy

Yesterday, I heard Prof. Qun Shen of Argonne National Laboratory on Imaging materials structures and processes by X-ray microscopy. Here are some of the material of interest, that I learnt from the talk.

An article in March 2006 Physics Today which discusses how to reconstruct large molecular structures by recovering the phase information that is usually lost in X-ray diffraction.

From the talk, I also learnt about a technique of focussing X-rays using what are known as Fresnel zone plates; apparently, these zone plates are the ones that are used in search lights that are beamed from the light houses, for example.

Of course, Prof. Shen did make a reference to the beetle breathing experiments that were performed in ANL; Grrlscientist has a nice post about these experiments in her blog.

Finally, something of interest to my own work: mapping the deformation fields inside crystals using coherent X-ray diffraction imaging; a nice commentary by Eric D Isaacs on this paper is available here.

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