Some links

[1] First aid for psychosis: Vaughan explains how and points to some resources; having known at least two people during my grad student days who suffered from auditory and other hallucinations, I wish I had known about these measures earlier.

[2]  Bainite points to a story as to why you shouldn’t use powerpoint.

[3] Why Descartes in wrong, and how body has a mind of its own–Jonah Lehrer recommends a book titled The body has a mind of its own.

[4] SciAm is running a Mind Matters column on the neural mechanisms of self-control.

[5] SciAm also has a story about a possibly high impacting nanoscale printing technology.

Have fun!

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  1. Some must-read stuff! « Entertaining Research Says:

    […] Jonah Lehrer recommended Body has a mind of its own (as we noted here); it is Grrlscientist’s turn now: As a biologist who reads both widely and deeply about a […]

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